Tuesday, 13 January 2009

... and then the central heating boiler broke down

Not a lot to report since my last blog entry due to the fact that the gas-fired central heating boiler broke down last Friday night/Saturday morning, since when most of the rooms in the house - including my wargames room - have been very cold and almost unusable. I tried to do some more work on my terrain boards but my hands were too cold to paint so I gave up. We do have some electric fires, but they are in the main living rooms.

The engineer came today to fix the boiler (three hours later than the time set for the appointment but at least he did turn up) but although he has identified the fault he did not have the parts that he needed to fix it. He should be back tomorrow morning ... or Thursday afternoon if the parts are not immediately available.

Let's hope it is not too cold for the next few days ...


  1. Lucky you don't live here (Minnesota, USA) - the temp this morning was -18 F. Good luck getting it fixed.

  2. My first wife used to call that, "the joys of ownership"...

    Hope it all works out soon.



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