Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Turga - a quiet town near the Lauranian border

Turga is a large town on the main road and rail link to the border. It has access to the sea, and a small harbour.

As can be seen from this image of the town, a company of Border Guards is guarding the jail where the ‘bandits’ are held, whilst another company patrols the road leading to the border.


  1. I like the squared surface and the little wooden houses. It's a very clean, stylised look and I'd say it functions all the better as a gaming surface for that reason.

  2. It is the look that I was aiming at. It looks a bit like the games that Joseph Morschauser played, although in the long run I may well end up with something that looks more like the image of Gerard de Gre's game.

  3. I'm really tending towards the more abstract and elegant game as well...

  4. Interestingly I know that Richard Brooks (one of the designers of the RED SQUARE series of rules that my own RED FLAGS AND IRON CROSSES were based on) is working on a very simple but elegant design for a game entitled 'SOLFERINO IN TEN MINUTES'. This will be the game run by WARGAME DEVELOPMENTS at SALUTE 2009. It uses an 8 x 8 grid (like a chess board) with the pieces representing divisions and commanders. The playtest pictures I have seen have a very abstract and elegant touch about them.

  5. I could get behind "Soliferino in ten minutes". I always find these massive multi-corps/division encounters a bit bewildering, a simple version would be cool. Even in fancy, I never rise much above the rank of brigadier.


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