Monday, 26 January 2009

Trouble on the Lauranian border

News has just reach Lauranian Army Headquarters that a contingent of our northern neighbour's army has crossed the border, and is making its way towards Turga.

This appears to be the culmination of a series of escalating incidents between our northern neighbour and ourselves. Over the past few weeks there have been several incursions into Lauranian territory by what can best be described as 'bandits'. They have raided local farms, stolen cattle, sheep, and horses, and attempted to cut the railway near the border.

The most recent 'raid' was intercepted by two companies of Border Guards, who were able to surround the 'bandits' and - after a short gun battle - capture them. They were then taken in chains to the jail in Turga to await trial.

It is interesting to note that the leader of the 'bandits' claims to be Stefan Esterházy, a Lieutenant in our northern neighbours army and son of General Tobias Esterházy. General Esterházy is, of course, the commander of the troops our northern neighbour has guarding their side of the border.

Two infantry battalions and two batteries of artillery have been despatched by rail from Laurania City to Turga to support the two companies of Border Guards who are stationed there. It is hoped that this will counter any large-scale incursions across the border.

Long Live Laurania!

Statement issued by
Lauranian Army Headquarters
Laurania City

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