Sunday, 4 January 2009

Table Top Battles - Third set of terrain boards started

I have now begun work on the third set of terrain boards for use with the TABLE TOP BATTLES wargames rules. These will be for land battles in temperate climate, and will be painted in green acrylic emulsion paint (again from Homebase), marked with 5cm x 5cm squares with a permanent OHP marker pen and gloss varnished to protect the playing surface. They will then be given a coat of matt varnish to deaden the gloss.

Unlike the first two sets of terrain boards these will be made from 15mm thick MDF cut into 30cm x 30cm squares. This is because I was unable to obtain any more corner sections of unpainted Jigwar terrain boards. Because thin MDF tends to warp when painted I have decided to use 15mm thick MDF in the hope that they will remain flat after painting. Time will show if I have made the correct decision.

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  1. Great blog! Look forward to seeing how the tabletop battles terrain boards turn out.



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