Monday, 9 March 2009

A busy weekend ... and hopefully a less busy week

I had a busy few days this past weekend, but I did manage to write several articles for THE NUGGET (the journal of Wargame Developments). These included:
  • A review of the TABLE TOP BATTLES wargames rules;
  • A synopsis of my World War II hex-based variant of the basic TABLE TOP BATTLES wargames rules;
  • A report on the Cruiser 2009 event that was held aboard HMS Belfast on Saturday 28th February 2009.
With any luck I should be able to buy the materials I need to make the playing boards for SOLFERINO IN TWENTY MINUTES tomorrow morning, and then start making them on Thursday.


  1. Thanks for the link to the Nugget, by the way - I had a read and really enjoyed it!


  2. Well, you can always join and get access to either the latest printed copy as and when it is published or the PDF version (including the Colour Supplement) if you are an e-member.


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