Thursday, 17 November 2011

Thank you Robbie!

My wife frequently buys stuff from eBay ... but uses my account as she doesn't see the point of setting up her own. She recently ordered a couple of things and so, when the postman delivered a parcel with my name on it, I did not bother to open it as I thought that it was probably for her.

When she got home from work this evening she was really enthusiastic about the fact that a parcel had arrive ... but confused as it did not seem to be the right size or shape to be what she had ordered. When she opened it a letter fell out ... and everything became clear! The parcel was not for my wife ... it actually was for me!

So what was in the parcel? Some very nicely painted Seven Years War Spencer Smith Miniatures (both plastic and metal). They had been sent to me by Robbie (AKA rob3rod) of the Independent Wargames Group.

I will photograph these very nice figures as soon as my wargames table is no longer under a pile of stuff that is in the middle of being sorted ... but in the meantime I would like to publicly thank Robbie for sending me these figures.

Thanks mate! It was a great gift from one wargamer to another!

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