Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Star (or Zvezda): a short review

I had not preconceived ideas how good, bad, or indifferent this film might be ... after all, the blurb on the cover of the DVD was pretty dire. As it was, the film turned out to be quite good, and well worth what I paid for it.

The film tells the story of a Soviet reconnaissance/scout group who are sent behind German lines to gather information about German reinforcements that are known to be being brought forward to mount an offensive. They manage to achieve their main objective and locate the German concentration area, but during the process the members of the group are killed, especially after the Germans mount a major operation to capture them.

The film's dialogue is in Russian, but the subtitles are well done and I had no problem following what was happening.

The uniforms and small arms are all very authentic looking (I thought that the camouflage suits worn by the scouts looked very effective), and several T-55s had been converted to represent quite convincing Pzkpfw VI Tiger tanks. The battle scenes were very bloody, and the hand-to-hand stuff was vicious and brutal.

If this film is anything to go by, we can but hope that further Russian war films will soon be released on DVD ... but I will be truly happy if and when the film of Boris Akunin's book TURKISH GAMBIT becomes available!

PS. The reconnaissance/scout group's call sign is 'Star' (Zvezda in Russian), hence the name of the film.


  1. I started watching "The 9th Company" on Youtube.
    A movie about a company of paratroopers in Afganistan. I think the subtitles aren't the best but still interesting.

  2. 9th Company was good but a little rambo-esque.

    Idi I Smotri is about a young boy who joins the partisans. A little surreal and highly disturbing but well worth the watch. Put the liquor and guns away first though.

    The Red Star is an interesting Hollywood propaganda piece from when the Russians were still our friends.

    First Squad is a Japanese produced animated film with live action interviews in Russian. Sci-fi fantasy, it gives you reasons to use those nazi-zombie figures.

    Aleksander Nevsky just rocks.

  3. Pat G,

    These films also sound very interesting, and I will certainly try to find copies on DVD if I can.

    All the best,


  4. Jhnptrqn,

    Thanks for the 'heads up' about this film.

    I will certainly look out for it.

    All the best,