Friday, 23 November 2012

Been there, seen that, bought the book ...

One topic that kept coming up during my recent trip to North America was the War of 1812. It did not matter whether you were in the United States or Canada, the War got a mention everywhere we visited.

When I saw a copy of FORTS OF THE WAR OF 1812 on sale in the local branch of Waterstones I decided that I might as well buy a copy, especially as most of the places we had visited during our cruise seemed to have been fortified to some extent during and/or after the War of 1812.

The book was written by Rene Chartrand, illustrated by Donato Spedaliere, and published by Osprey (ISBN 978 1 84908 576 2) as part of their FORTRESS series (No.140). It contains brief histories of the major fortifications built by both sides during the war, and reading the book made me realise that I had photographed quite a few of the fortifications that are mentioned.

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