Saturday 9 March 2013

Hexblitz meets Memoir '44?

I have been thinking about the suggestions that David Crook made to me in a recent email ... and how they might influence any potential HEXBLITZ II rules that I might write.

I like the idea of using my existing MEGABLITZ figures and vehicles, and I like the combat system used in MEMOIR '44 ... but I am not sure if they are compatible. If time allows I might run a few comparative tests of the two combat systems (HEXBLITZ and MEMOIR '44) using the same scenarios to see if they are. If the tests are successful the results may well influence the direction the design of HEXBLITZ II might take.


  1. Have you seen the Memoir 44 command dice? I've been meaning to set up with a game with the Portable Wargame based on this.

    1. Unknown,

      I had not seen these Command Dice before, but I can see their usefulness. They'd certainly be an interesting way to vary the existing turn sequence/unit activation system.

      Thanks very muc for bringing them to my attention.

      All the best,



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