Sunday 24 August 2014

Out of the Shed: A load of model aircraft kits ... and other sundry models

In a recent blog entry I mentioned finding a crate that contained a large number of unmade 1:1200th-scale model warship kits. I also mentioned that the same crate contained a number of other unmade kits. What I didn't state was what sort of model kits they were.

In fact the majority of the unmade model kits in the crate were 1:144th-scale aircraft, including:
  • 5 x Revell Sea Harrier Fighters
  • 7 x Fujumi Lynx Anti-submarine Helicopters
  • 5 x Revell Bf-109E Fighters
  • 1 x Revell FW-190A Fighter
  • 5 x Revell Ju-87 Dive Bombers
  • 3 x Revell Ju-88 Bombers
  • 3 x Academy Minicraft He-111 Bombers
  • 2 x Academy Minicraft North American P-51D Mustang Fighters
  • 1 x Academy Minicraft Lockheed P-38J Lightning Fighter
  • 2 x Academy Minicraft Grumman TBF-1 Avenger Torpedo-Bomber
  • 1 x Academy Minicraft Martin B-26B Marauder Medium Bomber
  • 1 x Crown Nakajima C6N1 Fighter
An interesting and somewhat eclectic mixture of aircraft types! I seem to remember buying the Sea Harriers and the Lynxs to go aboard a model aircraft carrier that I later passed on to Chris Kemp. The rest were bought to supply air support for my Megablitz armies ... but somehow never progressed beyond being bought.

There was a single 1:87th-scale model aircraft in the crate, a ROCO Minitanks Ju-52. I saw this in a shop and just had to buy it. All I need now is a game to use it in. (I can hear the theme tune of WHERE EAGLES DARE in my head as I write this!)

The other kits in the crate were all of ships, including:
  • 2 x Heller Potemkin Pre-Dreadnought Battleships
  • 2 x Noch HO-scale Tugs
  • 1 x Noch HO-scale Motorised Barge
  • 3 x Noch HO-scale Dumb Barges
This is enough ships to mount a bath-tubbed version of Operation Sealion ... with added off-shore gunfire support!


  1. Time for the CAF then.

    (Cordery Air Force) not to be confused with the Confederate Air Force.

  2. Hells bells Bob! How big was this bloody shed. From the picture you posted it looked like a broom cupboard. Was the damn thing made by the same folks who manufactured the "tardis"

  3. Jim Duncan,

    I am in an arms race with Tim Gow ... and need to build this lot to close the kit gap!

    All the best,


  4. Robert De Angelis,

    My shed was stacked from floor to roof with stuff. As to it being TARDIS-like ... well hopefully my next regeneration will be better than my last. I used to be an athletic and fit eighteen year old, but I turned into an overweight middle-aged man.

    All the best,


  5. Don't bother trying to blame me! Those ship kits sound interesting - get 'em built!

  6. Tim Gow,

    I had to blame someone ... and you are well known for your huge collection of kits, both made and unmade.

    All the best,

    (CEO of Cordery Armaments Limited, purveyors of all types of military hardware. Our motto is 'Build it ... and some idiot will buy it!'


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