Sunday, 2 November 2014

I have been to ... Cartagena Naval Museum, Cartagena, Spain: The ship models

The Cartagena Naval Museum has an extensive collection of ship models on display, ranging from Medieval Cogs to modern warships.

Wooden warships
Medieval Cog

Galleon San Francisco

Xebec Atrevido (1756)

Storeship Santa Florentina (1774)

Bomb vessel Santa Rosa de Lima (1775)

Brig/Bomb ship La Candelaria (1780)

Gun Launch (1779)

Gun Launch (1770)

Galleon San Martin (1574)

Galley La Real (1571)

Galley Soledad (1789)

Galley San Luis (1789)

Ship-of-the-Line Septentrión (1753)

Ship-of-the-Line San Julia (1768)

Ship-of-the-Line Conquistador (1791)

Ship-of-the-Line Santisima Trinidad (1769)

Typical eighteenth century Ship-of-the-Line

Iron and steel warships
Armoured Frigate Numancia (1863)

Armoured Frigate Vitoria (1865)

Battleship Pelayo (1885)

Protected Cruiser Infanta Maria Teresa (1893)

1st Class Cruiser Reina Regente (1888)

Battleship España (1912)

Destroyer Almirante Valdés (1944) (Originally built as USS Converse, a Fletcher-class destroyer of the United States Navy. She was handed over to the Spanish Navy in 1959.)

Frigate Audaz (1951)

Destroyer Roger de Lauria (1967)

Patrol Boat Lazaga (1975)

Patrol Boat Conejera (1956)

Minesweeper Miño (1955) (Originally built as AMS-266, an AMS-218-class motor minesweeper of the United States Navy. She was handed over to the Spanish Navy in 1956.)

Ictino (1859)

B1 (1921)

C-class (1928)

Almirante Garcia de los Reyes (1944) (Originally built as USS Kraken, a Balao-class submarine of the United States Navy. She was handed over to the Spanish Navy in 1974, overhauled and recommissioned.)

S-60/Daphné-class (1973)

S-70/Agosta-class (1983)

S-80-class (Under construction)


  1. Superb pics again Bob- highlight for me are the pre- dreadnoughts.



  2. Pete.,

    There are some very nice models in the collection ... and I must agree that the ironclads and pre-dreadnoughts are very attractive. My personal favourite is the Espana, my ideal small dreadnought.

    All the best,


  3. Absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Michael Mills,

    The photographs don't do the models justice. They are even more impressive when seen up close.

    All the best,


  5. A marvelous collection. Just imagine the sea battles you could have with these!

  6. Ross Mac,

    The only problem that I would have about using them in wargames would be that I would end up worrying about getting the models damaged!

    All the best,



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