Sunday, 28 June 2015

Some great days out

Sue and I have spent today on the coast of Kent visiting Walmer Castle and Deal Castle.

Both castles are managed by English Heritage, and over this weekend Walmer Castle was the venue for a number of special Regency events. These included a display by the 44th (East Essex) Regiment of Foot re-enactment group and a visit from the coach and messengers carrying the bicentenary Waterloo Dispatch. I hope to write a number of blog entries about what we saw during today's visits.

Sue and I have also visited Igtham Mote, Kent, and St Georges's Chapel (the former Woowich Garrison Church) recently, and I also intend to write blog entries about them as well ... so watch this space!


  1. Oh, tell us more about the Waterloo dispatch!

  2. Conrad Kinch,

    The Waterloo Dispatch (in actual fact, the 'New Waterloo Dispatch') was an event organised to celebrate the bicentenary of the arrival of the original dispatch sent by Wellington to London after the Battle of Waterloo.

    Two re-enactors - dressed as Major Percy and Commander James White RN, who accompanied the original dispatch - travelled from Waterloo to London (and several other sites along the way) in a replica horse-drawn post chaise. They took with them a copy of the 'New Waterloo Dispatch' and replicas of the two captured Imperial Eagles and Standards taken at Waterloo. The re-enactors then took part in ceremonies at the selected locations during which senior public figures and dignitaries were presented with the 'New Waterloo Dispatch'.

    I hope to include more detailed information when I write my blog entry about the ceremony that took place at Walmer Castle.

    All the best,



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