Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Sorting things out

I managed to spend quite a bit of time this afternoon and this evening sorting through my collections of wargame figures ... and I now have a reasonable understanding of what I am going to have to get rid of and what I need to re-base.

In the former category are my 20mm-scale early twentieth century colonial figures. They are lovely figures that I bought ready-painted from David Crook, and when I bought them I had lots of plans as to how I was going to use them ... but these have come to naught, and they are currently just occupying storage space that I could use for other projects.

On the re-basing front I have two projects that I could embark upon. The first is my 20mm-scale Megablitz collection, in which the foot figures are mounted on non-standard bases. (They should be on bases that are approximately 40mm x 40mm but mine are bases that are 50mm x 35mm. This does not make them totally unusable with other people's Megablitz stuff, but it is a task that I have been thinking about undertaking for a long time.) The second is my 15mm-scale Austro-Prussian collection, which is currently mounted on thin metal bases that are not compatible with my other 15mm-scale stuff.

Of these two possible re-basing projects, the latter would be the most sensible to undertake first ... but as the need to do either is not particularly pressing I could look at doing something else first ... and that would be to varnish and base the remaining Del Prado pre-painted 25/28mm-scale Napoleonic figures that I own. These are almost all from the Battle of Austerlitz range rather than the Waterloo range that I originally started out with, and comprise some French Infantry (that could be used as Reserves or Veterans) and enough Russian figures to constitute a small army.

Doing the latter would mean that I would have pretty well completed my collection of Napoleonic figures, although I have a sneaking feeling that I may well add to it in the future. For example I don't have an Austrian or a Spanish army in my collection as yet, and if suitable figures came my way I might well be tempted to buy them.

But before I do any of the above, I need to fight a tabletop battle or two to get my wargaming pulse racing again. Looking back I don't seem to have pushed any wargames figures around on the tabletop since the middle of September (the last wargame I took part in was actually the Funny Little Wars re-fight of the Battle of Waterloo on a lawn in central London), and that seems to have been a very long gap. With luck I should be able to remedy this situation within the next week or so ... and then I can get my teeth into a new project or two.

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