Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Holiday souvenirs

When Sue and I first began cruising, we seemed to bring back quite a few souvenirs, but as the years have gone on we have brought back less and less. This cruise my souvenirs amounted to two books and a flag!

The books were bought in the excellent Libreria Arenas bookshop in La Coruña. The books were EL CRUCERO REINA REGENTE Y SU HUNDIMIENTO EL 9 MARZO DE 1895 by Joaquín Gil Hondubill (published La Spada y La Pluma [ISBN 84 933793 1 X]) ...

... and LAS ARMAS BE LA REPUBLICA: LA EXPOSICION DEL GRAN KURSAAL (SAN SEBASTIAN, 1938) by José Maria Manrique Garcia and Lucas Molina Franco (published in 2006 by AF Editiones [ISBN 84 96916 74 9]).

The former tells the story of the Spanish Navy's cruiser Reina Regente which sank on 9th March, 1895, and the latter is based on the catalogue produced by the Nationalist Government for the exhibition of captured Spanish Republican weapons that was held in San Sebastian in 1938.

Luckily both books contain lots of illustrations ... which is just as well as my Spanish is not that good!

The flag was also bought in La Coruña, and it is the ensign carried by Spanish-registered yachts.

This unusual flag has been added to my growing collection of flags belonging to the countries and places I have visited.


  1. You're becoming positively frugal Bob.

    1. Conrad Kinch,

      You may call it frugal; Sue calls it careful!

      All the best,



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