Tuesday, 21 June 2016

I have been to ... The Naval Museum, Monaco

During our cruise last April, Sue and I spent a day in Monaco. During our time there we visited the principality's Naval Museum (Musée Naval), which is located in the Fontveille district.

The entrance is 'guarded' by an Italian human torpedo.

This was called Maiale (or 'Pig') by the Italians, and it was used to great effect by the famous Italian Navy's Special Forces Unit, the Decima MAS.

The museum is quite small, but it is packed with models of all sorts of ships, ...

... a Venetian gondola, and numerous model aircraft.

Due to the sheer number of items that are on display in the museum, I have decided to write a number of themed blog entries about its contents, and these will appear over the next few days.