Sunday, 16 October 2016

A new kid on the block?

A couple of days ago Greg Horne (The Duchy of Alzheim) and Stokes Schwartz (The Grand Duchy of Stollen) announced that they intend to publish a new, free wargames publication entitled THE WARGAMER’S NOTEBOOK. They hope that each quarterly issue will include:
  • Three or four battle reports and/or scenarios per issue;
  • ‘How to ...’ articles;
  • Articles on game or campaign mechanisms;
  • Miscellaneous ‘fun’ articles.
The new publication will not include advertisements, articles aimed at supporting a particular game system or set of rules, reviews, potted historical articles, or what the editors refer to as wargames-related ‘navel-gazing’. It will be published in PDF format.

I’m always willing to support anything that helps to ‘spread the word’ when it comes to wargaming, and this publication will certainly be getting my support. In fact I’ve already signed up to be a recipient and may well offer them the odd article or two. If you are interested in receiving THE WARGAMER’S NOTEBOOK or writing for it, contact them via the following link.


  1. Hi Bob
    I cannot see the link? I do like your British army and look forward to its first clash with the French.

    1. Bob Kett,

      If you click on the word 'link' it should take you to the email address you need to use to register to receive THE WARGAMER'S NOTEBOOK.

      I am very pleased with the way my British Army has turned out, and I hope to start using it on the tabletop early next year.

      All the best,



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