Monday, 24 July 2017

I have been to ... the Model Ship Collection at the Tallinn Maritime Museum: Part 1: Sailing Ships

The Tallinn Maritime Museum has a very large collection of ship models that represent the many and varied types of vessels that have been built, owned, and/or sailed by Estonians. In order to to justice to this collection, I intend to write a number of themed blog entries that cover the types of ships whose models are included in the collection.

Barquentine Estonia

Barquentine Tormilind

Schooner Delphin

Barque Rock City

Lightship Neckmangrund

Barquentine Andreas Veide

Barquentine Georg

Lightship Revalstein

Motor Sailing Ship Jaen Tear

Barque Krusenstern

Sealer Kihnu


  1. Thanks for sharing these photos. Did you get any ideas for gaming from the visit?

    1. CelticCurmudgeon,

      There are quite a few more photographs to come ... and my visit certainly give me some wargaming ideas.

      All the best,



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