Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Internet woes

For the past three days our Internet connection has been very erratic, hence my somewhat curtailed blogging.

What started as an intermittent fault became a total loss of service. Even when this was supposedly fixed, the connection remained unreliable, and by this morning I had given up counting the number of times I had reset the modem/router and input the network password on my computer, our iPads and iPhones, and our Amazon Firestick.

Hopefully the connection will have settled down overnight, and there will be no more problems.


  1. Bob,I am surprised that resetting your modem/router requires you to reenter the password?

    1. Mike,

      From what I can gather, the constant on/off nature of the cable signal wiped the modem/router's memory and it would not recognise the various bits of kit that was trying to connect to it. The only way to cure the problem was to reset the whole thing and re-enter the passwords.

      All the best,