Friday, 18 May 2018

And now my work is almost done ...

Wednesday was a rather busy day for me. I was trying to get more work done on my book about gridded naval wargames as well prepare for an important Masonic meeting. (We were installing a new Worshipful Master into the Chair of my Mother Lodge, and as one of the older and more experienced Brethren, I was expected to perform certain parts of the ritual … including singing the Master’s Song!) As a result, the last chapter of the book – which is an explanatory battle report – remained incomplete until yesterday.

The chapter is now finished, and although I won’t spoil matters by telling my regular blog readers the result, I can say the Mimi and Toutou did go forth with a degree of success.

SMS Kingani under attack by HMS Mimi. By attacking from astern, HMS Mimi is outside the limited arc-of-fire of SMS Kingani's 6-pounder gun.
All I have to do now is to finish adding books to the bibliography before doing a grammar and spelling check. I’ll then do a final read-through myself before sending copies of the text to my trusty team of proof readers. With luck they will get back to me within a fortnight, and then I can proceed to make any necessary corrections before I have the proof copies printed. Once that is done and final checks are made, the book will be published … and then I can move onto my next project!


  1. Hi Bob,

    That is really good news and I am certainly looking forward to the book. In common with the others in the series will we see Hard, soft and ebook versions available? For me the former and the latter will be my choice.

    That is a nice colour you have used for the game - equally usable for aerial actions methinks!

    All the best,


    1. David Crook,

      Writing the writing the book has been an enjoyable task, but I'm pleased that it is almost over. It's taken me longer than I originally expected, but has led to me building two new models and fighting three battles.

      The sea squares were made from a mottled light blue card bought from a craft store.

      All the best,



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