Saturday, 12 January 2019

Progress, progress, progress ...

It's not quite the middle of the month, and I am already working my way towards finishing work on my next (non-wargaming) book. It is entitled MASTERS AT WAR VOLUME 2: 1920 to 1970, and will relate the life histories of some of the members of the Hertfordshire Masters' Lodge No.4090, particularly their military careers.

The research was pretty well complete last year, although new information is constantly turning up. So far I have written about six of the people whose stories I am going to cover, including one who commanded Birmingham's 50,000-strong Home Guard when it was set up, another who was Chief Instructor at the War Dog Training School, and a third whose service in the Middle East and Greece was described in the London Gazette as ‘gallant and distinguished’, for which he received a Mention in Despatches.

I have found that writing can be quite tiring if you spend too much time doing it without a break, so when I do have a bit of spare time, I've also been doing some preparatory work for the re-basing some of my 20mm-scale World War II figures. At this stage this mainly involves taking the figures off their existing bases and cleaning them up. When that has been done, I will repair any damage to their paintwork, varnish them, and then re-base them.

This is quite a mindless activity, and is a great way to have a productive break from writing.

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