Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Funny Little Wars Army Red and The Portable Wargame

Having very recently finished renovating and basing a batch of 15mm British Colonial figures, I decided to see what a FUNNY LITTLE WARS ARMY RED would look like if I was going to use it with my PORTABLE WARGAME rules.

The ORBAT would be:

  • Divisional Staff Group (Commander: 6 SPs)
  • An Infantry Brigade comprising:
    • A Guard Infantry Battalion (Elite, 4 SPs)
    • A Regular Infantry Battalion (Regular, 4 SPs)
    • A Regular Light Infantry Battalion (Regular, 4 SPs)
    • A Reserve Infantry Battalion (Reserve, 4 SPs)
  • A Cavalry Brigade comprising:
    • A Heavy/Guard Cavalry Regiment (Elite, 3 SPs)
    • A Yeomanry Cavalry Regiment (Reserve, 3 SPs)
    • Horse Artillery (Elite, 2 SPs)
  • Engineers (Regular, 4 SPs)
  • Field Artillery OR Garrison Artillery (Regular, 2 SPs)
  • Army Service Corps (Regular, 1 SP)
  • Total Strength Points = 37 SPs
  • Exhaustion Point reached after the loss of 13 SPs

I first set up a FUNNY LITTLE WARS ARMY RED to use with my 'The Widow at Windsor' Colonial wargame rules. It looked like this:

I then set up one to use with my 'The Gatling's jammed ...' simple Colonial wargame rules, and it looked like this:

I can see both giving players an interesting game, but feel that the inclusion of the Horse Artillery might just make the smaller army a bit too powerful, and if it were removed, the resultant army would be more balanced.

My feeling is to 'go' with the first and larger of the two armies. After all, I can always split it is two and fight one half against the other if ARMY RED ever wants to conduct manoeuvres!

'The Widow at Windsor' and 'The Gatling's jammed ...' simple Colonial rules were published in THE PORTABLE COLONIAL WARGAME in 2020.


  1. It's nice to see how the OOB translates to your rules Bob, or for others given the breakdown shown. My preference is for the WaW Colonial set up, purely because I like the look of it!

    1. Steve J.,

      I must admit that the larger of the two armies is my favourite as it looks more balanced.

      All the best,


  2. So what other ‘color’ armies do you have?

    1. Steve8,

      At present, I only have ARMY RED ... but I hope to be able to field a version of ARMY KHAKI (the Turks) from the 15mm Egyptian figures in my collection.

      All the best,


  3. Hello there Bob,

    I reckon the larger army looks better balanced for sure and the new troop classifications better reflects the overall composition of troop quality. I am really looking forward to seeing what you do with ARMY KHAKI!

    All the best,


    1. David Crook,

      I must admit that the larger of the two armies does look better when arrayed on the tabletop ... and I think that the greater number of unit classifications will subtly enhance the basic rules.

      I hope to see what ARMY KHAKI (although it will be dressed in white uniforms!) looks like at some point over the next few days.

      All the best,



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