Saturday, 8 November 2008

Shock! Horror! - The Lauranian Air Force is wiped out before it can even fly!

I decided to spay the aircraft models I was going to use for the Lauranian Air Force with a matt undercoat before I painted them ... big mistake! I used a brand new spray can that I bought specially for the purpose, and began by spraying the bottom sides of the models. I let the paint dry for a couple of hours and then returned to do the top side. As I picked the first model up to turn it over the top wing fell off ... as did the top wings of all the other models! The interplane struts, which I thought were metal, turned out to be plastic, and the spray paint had reacted with the plastic, causing it to become brittle and to break. The models are now pretty useless as they are, and will need a lot of work to repair the damage.

On reading the spray can instructions I cannot find any warning not to use the paint on plastics, but either I was very unlucky and bought a contaminated batch or the plastic is of a type that reacts with some chemical (probably the solvent) in the paint.

So it is back to the drawing board for the moment with regard to my Lauranian project.


  1. That's a shame Bob, they looked good and I was looking forward to seeing them ready to go.

  2. I think that I have now found a shop that has the same range of model aircraft in stock. I hope to get there over next weekend; if I do I will buy some replacements and try to get the Lauranian Air Force into the air as soon as possible.

  3. What I meant to ask of course (now you've mentioned they might be available)- what make are they? Interested of Durham


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