Saturday, 22 November 2008

Warfare 2008

I have just got back from Warfare 2008, and it was well worth the 90 minute drive there (and 30 minutes trying to park!).

There were lots of traders, and I could have spent a lot on money ... but I was sensible and mostly bought what I planned or had thought about buying:
  • A box of Hexon II Desert terrain and related terrain features
  • Some vehicles from Minimi Miniatures
  • C S Grant's THE WAR GAME COMPANION (it has had some good reviews, and having seen it in on the Caliver Books stand I decided to buy it)
  • Stuart Asquith's WAR IN THE SUDAN 1884-1898 A CAMPAIGN GUIDE
The only impulse buy was TABLE TOP BATTLES - TABLE TOP WARGAMING WITH MINIATURES by Mike and Joyce Smith. This was also on the Caliver Books stand, and when I realised that it used a gridded playing surface I just had to have it.

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