Sunday, 22 February 2009

Cavalier 2009

This morning I went to Cavalier 2009. This is a small wargames show run by the Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society, and it was held in the Angel Centre, Tonbridge.

This is a nice location with a large cark that is free on Sundays – an excellent selling point for a wargames show! There were 39 traders and 12 participation/demonstration games as well as the obligatory ‘bring-and-buy’.

I spent a very pleasant couple of hors at the show, and managed to speak to several people I know, including Dave Ryan (of Caliver Books), Martin Goddard (of Peter Pig), Phil Steele (of the Society of Ancients), and the boys (that should really be men) of SEEMS. The latter were putting on a very interesting and enjoyable World War I air combat game (with the engaging title of ‘WOT? NO PARACHUTE’), where two British heavy bombers were attempting to ‘get through’ against a number of German fighters. The British also had some escort fighters and the ‘skies’ seemed to be full of planes!

There were some other noteworthy games, including Loughton Strike Force’s WINTER WAR’ (it had some very nicely presented winter terrain and the game did not seem to be dominated by tanks), Crawley Wargames Club’s THE BATTLE OF THE ALMA 1854 (lovely figures on a very realistic representation of the battlefield), and the Society of Ancients ROMA INVICTA, which was being run almost single-handed when I was there by Professor Philip Sabin.

Despite being very busy Dave Ryan told me that sales of TABLE TOP BATTLES have been good since January (I wonder why?) and that he hopes to get some more stock soon. He also managed to sell me the newly published Osprey book RUSSIAN BATTLESHIP VS JAPANESE BATTLESHIP – YELLOW SEA 1904 – 05.

A very nice show and an enjoyable end to my half-term holiday!


  1. It was an excellent show well attended and friendly where you could talk to traders and fellow enthusiasts. first time I had been to a show for ages & first time I've taken a camera, photos on my blog the WW1 air combat game was excellent active participation & was encouraged.

  2. It is a very nice show, and one I always try to get to.

    It may not be as large as TRIPLES or SALUTE, but there is plenty of space, and time to talk to both traders and other wargamers.


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