Thursday, 26 February 2009

Preparing for Cruiser 2009

I have spent this morning making the final preparations for the two naval war games I will be putting on at Cruiser 2009 on HMS Belfast on Saturday 28th February.

I have well over 50 'targets' for each of the ships that can take part in the Jane's Naval War Game, and this should be enough for at least two games. The major innovation I have made to the way I shall run the game involves the purchase of a small light table of the type used to transfer designs from printed paper to plain paper. The light shines through an opaque surface onto which you put the print and the plain paper; this makes it possible to see the design on the print clearly through the plain paper without casting shadows onto what you are copying.

I saw one of these light tables in the local craft shop and realised that if I put a 'target' onto the light table it would make the pinhole 'hits' much easier to see; furthermore, once the 'hits' are marked onto the 'target' I can put the 'scorer' over the 'target' and transfer the effects of the hits onto the 'scorer'. This will hopefully save some time, as the firing phase of a Jane's Naval War Game can be quite long and tedious if the umpire - me - has to take a long time to adjudicate 'hits' and their effects.

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