Friday, 12 June 2009

Wargame Rules for the late 19th and early 20th centuries – Feedback already!

I haven’t even play-tested the rules and I am getting feedback already!

As you may have noticed from the comments on my last blog entry, one of my readers has asked some very pertinent questions … and made me realise why proof reading is so important. When one sits down to write rules – especially if you are doing it very quickly, as I did with these rules – it is very easy for you assume that you have been explicit as to what you mean. I had done this … and missed some small but very important things that needed clarification. The questions that I was asked – and have answered – have already spurred me to make some minor additions and corrections to the first draft of the rules, and it is this revised draft that I will be play-testing this weekend.

In the meantime, if anyone else spots something that they think is missing, is not clear, or that needs clarification, please contact me – I know that I make mistakes, and I always welcome friendly advice and criticism.


  1. I hadn't actually thought of giving design feedback before, but as you've asked - my thoughts have drifted up to an old box of 1914 French & German troops. Looks like my sunday morning has just been decided!

    How do you want feedback, by the way? Is there an e-mail address I can send to?


  2. CWT,

    Feedback is always welcome as long as it is constructive.

    I made the mistake of asking for feedback about some rules I had written once before, and got a very long list of things that were 'wrong' with them from someone I had never heard from before. When I tried to answer the points the writer had raised, all I got was abuse about how the rules were no good when compared with his favourite rules ... which were not even for the same historical period!

    If you would like to get in contact, use the following email address: (just remove the word SPAM first!)



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