Friday, 10 July 2009

News from the Front! – COW2009: Odds and Ends 3

At COW (the Conference of Wargamers) there is so much going on at the same time that it is not always possible to take part – or even visit – every session. Luckily, Tim Price – an avid photographer – went to a lot of sessions that I was not able to attend, and he has kindly given me permission to add some of his images to my blog so that readers can get an even more detailed understanding of what was going on.

All the following images are © Tim Price

Napoleonic Army level 1813 Map Game

Jim Wallman ran this very interesting multi-map game where each player acted as an Army commander. The only problem that arose was the fire alarm, which interrupted the game for nearly 30 minutes.

Phil Steele and Rob Cooper contemplate what to do next.

Chris James plans his next move.
The Campaign Game

Besides acting as the conference’s semi-official photographer, Tim Price also managed to run several sessions, including this experimental large-scale campaign game.

David Brock and Jerry Elsmore discuss an aspect of the campaign whilst Mike Young and Tim Gow look on.

The main campaign map.
Feet to the Fire

John Bassett’s game about the 1958 Colonel’s Rebellion in Indonesia featured Polish and Filipino mercenaries, Chinese Nationalist Generals, and all sorts of clapped out and unusual military equipment.

John Bassett briefs the players whilst John Salt observes proceedings.

Graham Evans, Mike Young, Ian Drury, and Rob Cooper begin plotting the overthrow of President Sukarno.
Washington’s Army

Martin Goddard and Rob Roriston usually arrive at COW with their latest Peter Pig/RFCM project, and this year was no exception. Although still at the developmental stage, you can expect to see these figures and rules appearing soon.

An American Infantry regiment advances under the ever-watchful eye of their commander.

Rob Roriston, Peter Knowlden, Tony Hawkins, Phil Steele, and Chris Ager listen to Martin Goddard explaining how the rules operate.
Moltke’s only defeat – Nebiz and the Second Syrian War

This session used 15mm figures and a set of one-brain-cell rules, and was led by Nick Huband.

Nick Huband briefs the players about the game mechanisms they will be using.
Imperial Airways

Martin Wallace of Warfrog always brings something interesting to COW. This year he demonstrated Imperial Airways …

Keira Bentley, Martin Wallace, Jerry Elsmore, Peter Grizzell, and Jim Wallman taking part in Martin's impromptu game of IMPERIAL AIRWAYS.
… and


Richard Brooks faces Nigel Drury across the battlefield at Waterloo. This game used similar mechanisms to those used in Warfrog's GETTYSBURG game.
And finally … When Empires Clash! … again!

I was running an impromptu session for Tony Hawkins and forgot to take any photographs. Luckily Tim did, so it gives me another chance to show off some of my ‘toys’.

The centre of the British line.


  1. Bob, thanks for posting details of COW, it's certainly tempting me to make the effort next year. It must be the sight of so many familiar faces.

    Tim Price's campaign game looked familiar and then I realised that I bought the same map system over 30 years ago (and still never used it).

  2. Fire at Will,

    If you want to come to COW, just book a place ... but as places are limited I would suggest that you don't leave it too long.

    Hope to see you there someday,



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