Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas is coming ... and I'm trying to get the next draft of my rules finished!

For the first time in almost a week I have actually had some time today when I was able to sit down and do some work on the latest draft of my adaptation of Joseph Morschauser’s ‘Modern’ period wargames rules ... and I have almost finished!

I have yet to proof read the draft but here it is:

The main changes are:
  • The use of a new font – Lucida Sans – rather than Arial (this is just a cosmetic change but …)
  • The addition of subheadings to help readers find specific sections of the rules
  • The use of ‘can’ rather than ‘may’ throughout the text; this has been done in order to ensure that the text of the rules followed a consistent style
  • The re-design of the Unit data table so that the information is in the same order – from left to right – that it is referred to in the rules (i.e. Movement, Fire Combat, and Close Combat)
  • The incorporation of ‘saving throws’ into the Fire Combat section of the rules; they are actually termed ‘hit effects’ but are really ‘saving throws’ in all but name
  • Changing the Close Combat rules so that they only last one ‘round’, thus allowing a Close Combat to be a ‘draw’ that can be continued next turn
I doubt if I will have time to play-test this latest draft of the rules before Christmas but you never know …


  1. Hi Bob,

    Here's hoping your life is settling down enough for you to enjoy the Holidays! (Waves glass toward the general direction of Great Britain. Or is it more properly England where you live? I get confused.)

    Rules note:
    Woods & Build-up Areas, Bullet 4, last line, change to "and throws a D6 die which scores a 4, 5, or 6."

    Small potatoes.

    Otherwise the rules look good.

    Happy Holidays,


  2. Jim,

    Many thanks for your good wishes. With a bit of luck my wife and I will be able to get away to our favourite hotel in Norfolk for a few days over Christmas. After all the running around we have been doing lately we need a bit of 'down time' so that we can re-charge our somewhat drained emotional and physical 'batteries'.

    Thanks for spotting the mistake in the current wording for me. Although I have proof read the rules myself - and spotted one or two things that need minor changes - I had missed that one.

    All the best for the rest of this year and for next year,



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