Saturday 12 December 2009

More books to read

Yesterday's post included a book that I ordered some weeks ago ... and had then forgotten about.

VANISHED ARMIES - A RECORD OF MILITARY UNIFORM OBSERVED AND DRAWN IN VARIOUS EUROPEAN COUNTRIES DURING THE YEARS 1908 TO 1914 is a collection of water coloured drawings and notes made by A E Haswell Miller. The collection has been edited by John Mollo and published by Shire Publications Ltd. (ISBN 978 0 74780 739 1). It is priced at £20.00.

I recently bought a book on a very different topic ... THE GERMAN HOME FRONT 1939 – 45.

This book was published by Osprey in 2007 (ISBN 978 1 84603 185 4) and is part of the ELITE series (No.157). It was written by Brian L Davis and illustrated by Malcolm McGregor. It covers:
  • The National Socialist State
  • Law and the Penal System
  • The persecution of the Jews in Germany
  • Employment
  • Civil Life
  • The Air War against Germany
  • Fire Defence
  • Civil Defence
This is not one of the usual run-of-the-mill Osprey book as its contents are more about a civilian rather than a military subject, but it is – nonetheless – an interesting book.


  1. Wouldn't those vanished armies look grand on the tabletop?
    I've started dabbling in 20mm plastic RCW but it would be easy to expamd it a bit to make use of some of the 1914 & 1870 sets being released to make a more colourful entry.

  2. Ross Mac,

    The end of the 19th century has so much potential for colourful uniforms and 'splendid little wars' (both real and imaginary), and many of the uniforms can be reproduced using fairly generic figures and a reasonable paint job.

    If I had more time, it is something that I would like to develop as a project (possibly using a version of Morschauser's rules!).

    All the best,



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