Saturday, 13 February 2010

It has been a busy week, but now ...

For some reason the last few days have been very busy, both at home and at work.

As the half-term holiday starts today (hurray!), and because most of the students are on two-week-long work placements immediately afterwards, I seem to have spent all my time at work helping them to prepare for their work experience and collecting in missing or previously incomplete work. The result has been that I have had to work later than normal on most nights this week, and this has meant that I have had little time to do things that I wanted to do (rather than had to do) at home.

Now that half-term has started (My wife and I now have nine days before we have to go to work again!) I can think about doing some of the things that have been 'put off' as a result of recent events. My 'want to do' list is as follows:
  • Complete the next draft of my adaptation of Joseph Morschauser's rules for fighting nineteenth century battles
  • Play-test the rules
  • Redraft my adaptation of Joseph Morschauser's rules for fighting 'Modern' battles to include the changes made in the nineteenth century version and to look at adapting them for use with a hexagonal rather than a square grid
  • Play-test the rules
I hope to achieve the first two items on my list; if I manage either or both of the last two, it will be a bonus!


  1. Bob,
    You're lucky! I was looking forward to some reading and working on various wargame ideas - then my wife announced that she wanted to redecorate the dining room!
    One trip to Homebase and £105 later, the room is stripped and ready for decorating, so I'm taking a short break before filling the odd holes in the plaster...

  2. Arthur1815,

    I suspect that something similar might have been coming my way, but having to deal with ailing and elderly relatives has diverted us from that course ... for the time being at least!

    All the best,



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