Monday, 27 June 2011

COW2011: The programmes are ready for posting

I managed to get the COW2011 programmes printed at a small print shop near where I work as I did not have enough time to get to the printers I normally use to print THE NUGGET. They managed to print and collate the fifty copies I needed by the end of the day ... but for some reason they were unable to staple them in the centre of the fold. The reason they gave was that the automatic stapler on the collator had stopped working. They offered to hold on to the programmes until they could be stapled - but were unable to give me any idea when that would be - or to reduce the bill. As time is of the essence, I chose the latter option, so I must apologise in advance to COW attendees for the fact that their copy of the COW programme is not stapled together.

The envelopes are ready, and the COW programmes will be in them and in the post early tomorrow morning, which should mean that they are with COW attendees by the weekend.

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