Sunday 12 June 2011

The portable wargame: Drawing a line

With COW2011 (the Conference of Wargamers) looming every closer, I need to stop tinkering with my PORTABLE WARGAME rules and move on to preparing for the Conference. As a result I have decided to call a halt to any further changes to the rules ... for the moment.

I have therefore uploaded the latest draft of the rules to THE PORTABLE WARGAME WEBSITE so that any interested reader can read and/or print a copy for their own use. I have also added Ross Mac's 'Unit Quality' rule to the 'Additional Rules' webpage and begun work on a FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) webpage.


  1. Bob,

    Ross Mac's Unit Quality rule is a very welcome addition to the Portable Wargame, and one that we can adapt to suit our own perceptions of units and the time we want them to be able to survive on the battlefield - and hence how long a game is likely to last.

    Perhaps Generals could - within limits - temporarily add to quality in, for example, close combat, or restore lost quality by rallying broken units. After all, Blucher could inspire Landwehr and other mediocre troops to return to the fight.

    Enjoy yourself at COW - I envy you being able to attend such a stimulating gathering!

    Best wishes,

  2. Arthur1815,

    Ross Mac's Unit Quality rules is one that I would seriously think about including in the next draft of the rules, but for the time being it must stay as an 'Additional Rule' that players may use should they so desire it.

    As presently written. Command Units do add a bonus to any Units they are adjacent to, but as yet I have not written any rules that allow them to rally faltering Units. That said, it is something that I would certainly consider adding to the next draft or as an 'Additional Rule'.

    All the best,


    PS. Perhaps you will make it to COW sometime soon; I certainly hope so!


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