Saturday 17 September 2011

Nice terrain boards ... shame about the weight*

This morning I got the terrain boards I found yesterday out from behind the Hexon II storage boxes … and then realised why I had stored them and not used them. They are very heavy, and if I use them for my PORTABLE WARGAME it will no longer be very portable!

The boards were each made of a 5mm-thick sheet of MDF that is fixed to a frame made of pine. They were then painted (to seal the MDF and to protect the frame) and covered in a layer of static grass flock. The grid was then drawn onto the flock. They are – therefore – very durable … and very heavy as well. At present the only place that I can store them in my toy/wargames room is behind the Hexon II storage boxes, and this means that every time that I want to use the terrain boards I am going to have to move all the Hexon II storage boxes out of the way first.

I therefore have a problem. I could completely rearrange all the storage in my toy/wargames room so that I can have easy access to the terrain boards or I could continue to store them where they are and only every use them on special occasions or I could get rid of them. None of these solutions are – from my point of view – very satisfactory.

For the time being the terrain boards are going back into storage, but I think that I am going to have to find a solution to this problem now that I have ‘rediscovered’ them.

It is something for me to think about over the coming days.

*The title of this blog entry refers to the title of a 1979 song by The Monks – 'Nice legs, shame about your face'.


  1. Bob, how easy would it be to remove the pine backing?

    2' x 3' MDF shouldn't be very heavy by itself and shouldn't need extra support.

    If the backing could be easily removed, that should make them much easier to store as well. The question is "would this be feasible?"

    -- Jeff

  2. Bluebear Jeff,

    The pine frame is attached to the MDF by screws that go through the MDF and by waterproof wood glue. This makes it impossible to remove the frame without damaging the terrain boards.

    Nice idea, but unfortunately not feasible.

    It serves me right for making them as strong as I could in the first place!

    All the best,



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