Friday, 30 September 2011

Taking a RISK

Whilst my stomach has been slowly recovering from my over indulgence of two days ago, I have not been idle. First and foremost I have finished drawing the baseline map I intend to use for my late nineteenth/early twentieth century imagi-world.

The map is based on the one that forms the game board for RISK ... hence the title of this blog entry. In RISK the world is divided up into different regions, some of which conform to the boundaries of a particular country or part of a country and some of which represent groups of countries. The map is distorted and simplified, but it is still recognisable as a version of our world.

Amongst the distortions are the reduction in the width of the Atlantic Ocean and the increase in the size of the British Isles in relation to the rest of Europe. Some of the simplifications include the reduction in the numbers of islands in such areas as the Philippines and the total removal of New Zealand.

I already have a list of imagi-nations that I want to include on my version of the map, and this will require a few changes to be made. This is, however, a lot easier to do to an existing map than it is to a totally imaginary map … I know … I have already tried!

The next step will be to add these imagi-nations and after that to start adding further details. I do not intend to rush this process, as a mistakes made in haste tend to be difficult to undo at a later stage.


  1. Hi Bob,

    In a word: Madasahatta!

    I recently found out how the expression 'Mad as a Hatter' originated - apparently in days gone by hat makers used to make use of mercury as part of the construction process. Mercury poisoning has a very detrimental on the brain and so the obvious outcome was eventual insanity.

    I suppose for wargamers it would have been prolonged exposure to unpainted metal figures...;-)

    All the best,


  2. David Crook,

    Don't worry, Madasahatta will be there!

    I actually do take the possibility of lead poisoning seriously - even if the risk is very low. For example, I always wash my hands after handling lead figures so that I don't ingest lead if I eat anything with my hands immediately afterwards.

    All the best,


  3. Gunnery Sargeant Rock,

    Ouch would be an understatement if I did get some form of lead poisoning!

    I am not a great lover of H&S rules, but I was always taught to be careful.

    All the best,



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