Sunday, 27 May 2012

Some interesting books

My wife and I spent this morning at the local shopping centre, and as usual I managed to pay a short visit to the branch of Waterstone's bookshop. Whilst I was browsing in the Military History section I saw two books that covered topics related to the Eastern Front/Great Patriotic War ... so I bought them.

Both books are published by Osprey and are written by Robert Forczyk. They are:

WARSAW 1944 (Osprey Campaign Series No.205 [2009] ISBN 978 1 84603 352 0; this book contains illustrations by Peter Dennis) ...

... and GEORGY ZHUKOV (Osprey Command Series No.22 [2012] ISBN 978 1 84908 556 4)

I know next to nothing about the Warsaw Uprising, and WARSAW 1944 will go some way to filling an empty space in my knowledge as well as space on my bookshelves. I already have a copy of Zhukov's somewhat sanitised autobiography, and I hope that GEORGY ZHUKOV will be somewhat more critical in its approach. I happen to think that Zhukov was a great general ... but not as great as some of his hagiographers would like us to believe.


  1. I wonder what Georgiy Zhukov has to say about Operation Mars?

  2. Archduke Piccolo,

    In my translation (which I think is of the first edition of his autobiography) Zhukov seems to play-down the parts played by Chuikov and others in order to project the impression that he was the sole driving force behind the success of Operation Mars. I understand that in subsequent editions the tone and emphasis of his comments was somewhat different.

    All the best,