Monday, 23 July 2012

Jeepers, Creepers!

My wife and I went to see my father today. He is still in hospital in Romford, and his physical injuries look as they are well on the mend. He is, however, very tired all the time and spends most of his time sleeping very fitfully. We spoke to the Medical Registrar who is dealing with my father, and after a long discussion it has been agreed that my father needs to have some further blood tests to find out what is causing the continual drowsiness.

The journey to Romford took me around the section of the M25 at the Dartford Crossing. The motorway was even more crowded than usual, and the journey took us ninety minutes. (The journey should have taken us no more than fifty minutes.) Whilst sitting in the queue of traffic we passed a wartime-vintage Jeep that was parked on the hard-shoulder of the motorway. Luckily we were going quite slowly at the time, and my wife managed to take a couple of photographs on my iPhone.

I assume that the vehicle was on its way back from the 'War and Peace' Show that took place last week. It was not alone, and I also saw two 'Deuce-and-a-Half' trucks with van bodies and a low-loader transporting what looked like a Dodge Weapons Carrier (either a WC-51 or WC-52) and Staghound Armoured Car. Unfortunately the traffic speeded up as we got close to these vehicles and my wife was unable to photograph them.

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