Friday, 24 August 2012

The Memoir '44 'Breakthrough' Terrain Boards

I finally managed to unpack the MEMOIR '44 'Breakthrough' Terrain Boards that were delivered whilst I was on my last cruise. They are twice the size of the normal terrain boards and therefore allow you to fight battles over a much larger area.

Having unpacked them, I then decided to compare the four terrain boards that come in the pack with their 'normal' equivalents. In each of the following photographs, the 'Breathrough' terrain board is shown first and then it is shown with its 'normal' equivalent terrain board placed on top of it.





The 'Breakthrough' pack also includes a booklet that contains fifteen scenarios that have been specially developed for the larger terrain boards. The scenarios are:

Western Front
  • Counter-Attack of the BEF
  • Battle of Abbeville
  • Sword Beach
  • Breakthrough to the Beach
  • Coldstream Hill
  • Breakthrough at Montain
  • The Surrender of Elster's column
  • Noville to Foy
  • Operation Amherst
Mediterranean Theatre
  • Operation Crusader
  • Battle of Alam el Halfa
Eastern Front
  • Nach Moskau!
  • The Tatsinskaya Raid
  • Battle of Prokhorovka
Pacific Theatre
  • Manado Landings


  1. I am convinced. i have to get those boards.

    Have you seen the new equipment pack for M44? Mine just arrived. It has over a hundred new miniatures (including Hobart's funnies) and some new scenarios. Hurrah!

  2. Hi Bob,

    They look really impressive and have certainly gone on my birthday list! I reckon they would be ideal for use with Hexblitz if the base sizes fit within the hexes.

    All the best,


  3. Steven Page,

    I hoped that they would be useful ... and now that I own them I think that they were well worth buying.

    I have looked at the new MEMOIR '44 equipment pack and I am giving serious thought to buying it, especially because on the new stuff it contains.

    All the best,


  4. David Crook,

    Considering how much they cost, I think that I will certainly get my money's worth of use from them.

    All the best,