Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Portable Spanish Civil War Wargame

Other wargamers continue to use and develop my PORTABLE WARGAME rules. Amongst them is Nick Huband ... and this afternoon he sent me a photograph of the starting positions for a wargame set during the Spanish Civil War.

Nick has extended the board so that it is 12 squares x 8 squares and plans to use it to fight an action between an advancing motorized column of troops from the Italian C.T.V. (Corpo Truppe Volontarie) and a defending group of Spanish Republican militiamen.

The C.T.V. have three tankettes, a towed infantry gun, two motorcycle infantry units, six motorized infantry units, two motorized infantry support weapons, two infantry trucks (to carry the motorized infantry), and a motor tricycle command unit.

The Republican militia appear to have eight infantry units, a couple of infantry support weapons, and an armoured car ... and the advantage of being dug in.

I will be interested to hear how this action pans out, and if Nick shares a battle report and any photographs with me, I will write a special blog entry about it.


  1. really nice table...I love the level of abstraction "PW" rules give. I'm halfway through painting 15mm SCW forces for PW . I'll be sure to post them on the INTERBELLUM blog when they are done in a few weeks.

  2. Littlejohn,

    Nick Huband is a very good modeller, and has turned my ideas into something that looks superb!

    I am glad that you like the PW rules, and I look forward to seeing you SCW forces in due course.

    All the best,