Thursday, 18 October 2012

Another Portable Wargame enthusiast!

Steven Page recently became a 'convert' to the PORTABLE WARGAME: MODERN rules and sent me the following battle report, which he has given me permission to post on my blog.

The battle report is interesting as it pitches a force of Russian tanks ... without any escorting Infantry ... against a partially dug-in and Artillery-heavy German force.

Now read on ...

The Opposing Forces
The Germans, defending the western end of an 8 x 12 squared grid, had a force of 1 Command, 1 Machine Gun, 4 Infantry, 2 Anti-tank Gun, 2 Infantry Gun, and 2 Flak 88s (Heavy Artillery) Units: all were rated ‘Average’, except the 88s, who were rated ‘Poor’, to represent their size and vulnerability. Several of the German Units were entrenched.

The attacking Soviets had 3 T-34s (‘Average’ tank), 7 T-26s (‘Poor’ light tank) a KV-1 (‘Elite’ tank) and a KV-2 (‘Elite’ Heavy Artillery SPG) Units.

The Battle
The first artillery phase saw the 88s force the KV-1 back, and destroy a T-34. The KV-2 retaliated by knocking out the southernmost 88. The Russians began their advance, while the Germans shifted units to cover the gaping hole left by the smoking flak gun.

Turn two saw the artillery continue to do damage, as the 88 destroyed a T-26, (there was no better target in range) and the KV-2 took out an anti tank gun, again on the southern flank. The light tanks now closed the range to the German line with the T-34s and lumbering KV right behind. Again the Germans shifted units to the right flank.

Turn three saw the German Artillery cut a swath through the Russians, with the 88, both Infantry Gun and the remaining Anti-tank Gun Units destroying Russian tanks. The KV-2 knocked out the southern Infantry Gun Unit, leaving the right flank held by Infantry only. The T-26s and T-34s now fired on the entrenched Infantry, forcing some of the troops to fall back. The northern Infantry Gun Unit was also taken out. German Grenadiers began the difficult task of moving into position to Close Assault the Russian armour.

The KV-2 had now closed the range to duel with the remaining 88, and destroyed it, while taking a hit that forced the monster back. The last Anti tank Gun Unit wrecked another T-26 before being knocked out by a T-34. The German Infantry now launched a series of assaults that saw the turn end with three Units of Grenadiers remaining against the KV-2 and a T-34.

The KV-2 began a progression of "fire and fall back", either destroying the enemy or forcing him out of Close Assault range. The T-34 kept the other Germans at bay. The surviving German Units, facing the unstoppable, fell back to their start-line.

- o 0 o -

I think that you will agree that this sounds like it was an exciting little battle, with no obvious forgone conclusion as to who would win.

Steven currently has a blog devoted to his naval wargaming (it is called OLD ADMIRALS and it is well worth visiting just to see the photographs of his home-built model warships!) and he is thinking of starting one devoted to his PORTABLE WARGAME battles.

I hope that he does. In the meantime I must try to set up my own play-test of the PW:M rules as soon as possible!


  1. You've come up with a winning game here Bob. I,m thinking this would be great for a campaign set of rules to allow fast and dirty battles that don't hold up the campaign.

    I'll try them out with my 6mm troops and see how they work.

  2. Phil Broeders,

    There do seem to be quite a few people who like these rules ... and I think that you are right about them being ideal for quick campaign games.

    All he best,


    1. I suggest you publish and call 'em "The Thoughts of Chairman Bob".

  3. Conrad Kinch,

    I have thought about publishing some of my rules ... and it will happen when I can get around to it!

    All the best,