Saturday, 27 October 2012

British Battleships of World War One

Back in May I bought a copy of R A Burt's BRITISH BATTLESHIPS 1919 - 1945 (Seaforth Publishing [2012] ISBN 978 1 84832 130 4).

At the time that I bought it, I also pre-ordered a copy of the same author's book entitled BRITISH BATTLESHIPS OF WORLD WAR ONE (Seaforth Publishing [2012] ISBN 978 1 84832 147 2) ... and it was delivered today.

The book follows the same pattern as his earlier book (and is, in fact, a revised edition of a book that was originally published in 1986), with individual chapters devoted to the design and service histories of the battleships that were in service with the Royal Navy during the First World War.

I have so far only managed a quick glance through the book, but it appears to be every bit as good as the earlier volume written by Mr Burt.


  1. Bob

    I could do some serious looting and pillaging of your bookshelves!



  2. That looks like a very solid pair of books for the collection. I just received my copy of the reprint of "Jane's Fighting Ships 1919" today.

    So many games to play and so much to read....

  3. Peter Douglas,

    I am told that I have quite a good collection of naval books on my bookshelves, including several reprints of early issues of Janes and Oscar Parkes' book on British battleships.

    All the best,


  4. Steven Page,

    I would love to do more naval wargaming ... but just do not have the room! When I was young I fought the odd battle or several on the lawn at home using Airfix 1:600th-scale models. I have never quite managed to recreate that level of enjoyment from naval wargaming since ... although I came very close using Fletcher Pratt's rules and 1:1200th-scale models in the basement of Eric Knowles' shop and later with other members of Wargame Developments

    If only I had more time ... and space!

    All the best,