Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Broadside 2013: lending a helping hand

Alan Abbey (the author of BLOOD, BILGE, AND IRON BALLS naval wargames rules and someone I have known for a very long time!) is one of the main organisers of the Milton Hundred Wargames Club and its annual wargames show, BROADSIDE. In a very recent blog entry he told a sorry tale about how the club's website had been hacked, with the result that it had been closed down by the ISP.

This is a disaster for the club as they are in the run-up to the show and need to ensure that it is as widely publicised as possible. He has asked for help, and knowing that quite a lot of people read my blog on a regular basis, I am more than willing to help out. So here goes ...
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Broadside 2013
is on
Sunday 9th June
(10.00am to 4.00pm)
Swallows Leisure Centre,
Central Avenue,
ME10 4NT

There will be three Halls, lots of traders, several club games and ...
a wargamer’s flea market!

To book a trade space, club game or flea market pitch get in touch by 'phoning 01795 873379 or 07588806306 or by email

The traders include:
  • Ainsty Castings
  • Alchemy Miniatures
  • Andy’s Models
  • Armourfast
  • Brigade Models
  • Colonel Bills
  • Conquest Games Ltd.
  • Crooked Dice Game Design Studio
  • Cymbeline Games
  • David Lanchester Books
  • Early War Miniatures
  • Fenris Games
  • Frontline Wargaming
  • Harfields Military Figures
  • IT Miniatures
  • Lesley’s Bits Box / KR Multicase
  • Monarch Military Books
  • No Mans Land (Maidstone)
  • Polmodels
  • Products for Wargamers
  • Realistic Modelling Services
  • Red Knight Wargames
  • Redoubt Enterprises
  • Shell Hole Scenics
  • Tole Haven
  • Wargames Emporium
  • Warmill
The clubs that will be attending include:
  • Maidstone Wargames Society
  • Rainham Wargames Club
  • Society of Ancients
  • Gamers Hub
  • Skirmish Wargames
  • South East Essex military society
  • Hornchurch Heroes
  • Shepway Wargames Club
  • CTK Wargaming
Alan has also set up a Facebook page about BROADSIDE 2013 so that interested parties can lend their support and be kept up-to-date with developments.


  1. Bob are you attending? If so would it be possible if you could please provide me with a few pictures for my scuttlebutt section for BattleFleet?

  2. Chasseur (Jeff),

    I hope to go ... and if I do I will gladly provide you with some photographs for BATTLEFLEET.

    All the best,


  3. Francis Lee,

    If we can all do our 'bit', one hopes that it will help the club overcome its current difficulties.

    All the best,


  4. Thanks Bob and all the best to you and yours .... Jeff

  5. Sad to say here are some people who destroy wantonly the efforts of others because of fear or envy, when with such effort make something good and positive themselves in all that wasted energy. Destroying a website is like burning a book, one that is hand written and unique. There are too many Timbuctus in this world.

  6. Chasseur (Jeff),

    I just try to do the best I can if it is at all possible.

    All the best,


  7. CoastConFan,

    This was just a pointless bit of cyber vandalism. Who profited from it? Only the person who did it ... and I doubt that they gained much from the experience except a moment's pleasure in feeling that they had 'got one over' on someone.

    All the best,