Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A trip to the shops

After my gardening session this morning, my wife and I went shopping in Dartford. Whilst she spent time in the local branches of Matalan, TKMaxx, and George at ASDA, I paid a visit to B&Q (where I bought a new lawn rake!) and WHSmith.

The latter had copies of all three major wargames magazines on show, and after looking through the two I only occasionally buy – WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED and WARGAMES, SOLDIERS & STRATEGY – I bought both.

The November issue of WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED has several articles about the Franco-Prussian War that I thought I might find interesting as well as a long obituary for Donald Featherstone that was written by Chris Scott, with an additional contribution by Duke Seifried.

Issue 69 of WARGAMES, SOLDIERS & STRATEGY has a Cold War theme, including a very interesting Matrix Game that has been developed by Mark Backhouse.

It was nice to see a Matrix Game featured in a mainstream wargames magazine, especially as it was not too many years ago when they were regarded by quite a few wargamers as being a bit too avant garde.


  1. Hi Bob,
    I'm pleased you liked the article. I'm determined to try and get at least one matrix game scenario in the magazine every year. I did one on 1688 and Boudica's revolt a while back. Keep up the good work.

  2. Mark Backhouse,

    It was very pleasing to see the article, which I thought was very well designed.

    What a wonderful idea to try to get at least one Matrix Game published each year. It will certainly help to increase their profile with mainstream wargamers.

    I remember reading about your 1688 Matrix Game, but not about your one about Boudicca's Revolt. It strikes me that both would be ideal subjects for the Matrix Game format.

    All the best,



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