Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Operation Shed Clearance: Latest report

I have been back from my latest cruise for little over a week, and yesterday – for the first time – the weather was just about good enough for me to venture out into the garden to see what damage had been inflicted by the storm that hit the south-east of England whilst we were away.

The shed appears to be intact, although the roof has a dent in it where a branch from the laurel hedge broke off and hit it. I removed the branch (and disposed of it) and checked the contents of the shed, all of which seems to be as it was a month ago.

I had to remove a large number of leaves from the area around the shed before I could open the door, and in the end I decided to rake up all the leaves that had fallen during the time we were away. There were so many that I ended up filling our large green wheelie bin (the one provided for garden and food waste) and – with his permission – about a quarter of my neighbour's as well.

Only one of the shrubs – a large Buddleia bush – seems to have been affected by the storm. It must have been bent over by the wind, with the result that its roots have moved and it is now leaning over the garden path. It was due to be pruned back next spring, but as it is making it difficult to move up and down the path I intend to undertake that task later today. This should not take very long … and will give me the opportunity to use my favourite bit of garden equipment, the shredder!

Whilst I was gardening yesterday I had one or two ideas about my Itchy and Scratchy rules (for which I simply MUST get a better title very soon!). With luck I may be able to put them down on paper later today – once the Buddleia has been dealt with – and if I do I will certainly write a blog entry about the changes.


  1. Jim Duncan,

    A good idea ... but a bit too drastic for my needs!

    All the best,


  2. I can just see you Bob, talking to your friend who knows a bit about explosives.

    "You were only supposed to blow the branches off!"

    As you both peer into this garden sized crater.

  3. Jim Duncan,

    That is exactly what would happen ... just before the anti-terrorist and armed police arrived on the scene!

    All the best,



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