Wednesday, 6 November 2013

There and back again ... again!

I did not write a blog entry yesterday because I was very tired. The reason why is very simple ... my wife and I had just returned from yet another cruise, this time to the central Mediterranean and the Adriatic aboard P&O's Arcadia. This cruise took us to an area that we have visited many times, but this time the itinerary took in two places we had not been to before, Valletta on Malta and Messina on Sicily.

I will be writing a detailed blog entry about where we went and what we saw, but for the moment I am still trying to recover from the loss of most of a night's sleep two days before we got back due to bad weather, and the drive back from Southampton yesterday, which was done in rain that was falling so hard that it was like trying to drive through fog most of the time.


  1. Enjoy your rest and the energising it will bring...then a report if that is ok ,please.
    best wishes

  2. Tradgardmastare,

    Thanks for your best wishes ... and I hope that you are feeling better.

    I just don't seem to be able to settle and rest today - too many things to sort out and catch up with - although I did manage a short nap this afternoon.

    Hopefully I should be able to complete my blog entry later today or early to morrow. (I draft my cruise-related blog entries whilst I am away and just tidy them up when I get home.)

    All the best,



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