Sunday 22 December 2013

Dardanelles: A submarine wargame: The Player's Briefing, Player's Notes, Player's Recognition Chart, and Player's Map


Your task is to penetrate the defences of the Dardanelles and sink any enemy vessels you find. It is vitally important that you take all necessary steps to return from your mission with the most up-to-date intelligence as to the current state of the Dardanelles defences so that future missions can benefit from your experience.

The vessel under your command is a B-class Submarine.

B-class Submarine
Displacement: 287 tons (surfaced)/316 tons (submerged)
Dimensions: 142' 2” x 13’ 7” x 11’ 7”
Machinery: 1-shaft 16-cylinder Vickers petrol engine producing 600 hp = 12 knots (surfaced); electric motor producing 290 hp = 6 knots (submerged)
Armament: 2 x 18” Torpedo Tubes (Bow); 2 loaded + 2 reloads
Complement: 15 Crew

  • Each turn = 1 hour.
  • At the beginning of each turn the Player must tell the Umpire.
    • The direction of travel (i.e. North, North-East, East, South-East, South, South-West, West, or North-West).
    • Speed: Maximum Distance per turn = 6 squares on surfacel/3 squares submerged.
    • Level: Surface, Periscope. Submerged, or Bottom, and any change of Level. 1 additional square of movement is used for every change of Level.
  • lf the submarine is on the Surface or at Periscope Level the Player will be given a verbal report (by the Umpire) as to what is visible.
  • lf the submarine is Submerged or at Bottom Level the Player will be given a verbal report by the Umpire as to what can be heard.
  • Torpedoes
    • Torpedoes have a range of 3 squares and may be fired at Surface or Periscope Levels.
    • Torpedoes may be reloaded; this takes 4 turns on the surface.
    • To fire torpedoes the Player must tell the Umpire the target against which the torpedoes are being fired and the direction they are to be fired in.
  • The submarine has the ability to stay underwater for 20 hours (20 “units” of air). Air must then be replenished at a rate of 1 hour on the surface = 5 “units” of air replenished.
  • The submarine has the ability to move up to 36 squares underwater using its electric motors and batteries (batteries start with 36 battery power “units”). Batteries may be replenished at a rate of 1 hour on the surface = 6 “units” of battery power replenished.
  • Night-time lasts from 2200 hrs to 0500 hrs inclusive.


Battleship Messudieh


Patrol Boat



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  1. Glorious stuff bob - I'm looking forward to giving this one a go.

    I was thinking I could get a toy periscope and wave the cutouts in front of it.

    Is there a Turkish player?

  2. I remember having my playing group take turns, one at a time, at my club. They all sat around a table conversing and I called them away separately, went through their mission and were allowed to report back to the group before the next player had his go.

    I don't recall anyone being terribly successful but I do remember that one player took damage which he didn't repair and died at the bottom of the straits and another who sailed up and down and failed to find the entrance.

    It was a great laugh!

  3. Conrad Kinch,

    The periscope is a great idea and will add a real flavour to the game.

    The umpire 'plays' the Turks ... and can have great fun doing so!

    All the best,


  4. Jim Duncan,

    I had no idea that you had used this game!

    By the sound of it the players had a great deal of fun trying to be submarine commanders ... and their attempts sound very similar to the ones I saw at COW.

    All the best,



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