Saturday, 21 December 2013

Dardanelles: A submarine wargame

Back in 1988 I wrote a map-based submarine wargame about operations in the Dardanelles. It was intended to try to recreate the exploits of the B-class submarines used by the Royal Navy during the early part of the First World War, and pitted a single player against the Umpire-controlled Turkish defences. I demonstrated the wargame at COW1988 and it was subsequently published in NUGGET 46 and – if my memory is correct – one of the issues of Duncan Macfarlane's short-lived WARGAMES WORLD.

I re-discovered the wargame during my recent sort through my clippings collection and thought that – after a bit of re-writing – it would be an ideal Christmas present for my regular blog readers! I intend to spread the sections of the wargame over the next few days, starting with the Player's Briefing and Notes. At the end I will make the whole thing available as a download in PDF format so that you can play it over Christmas and the New Year ... if you are allowed to!


  1. Hi Bob

    Have to wait for my turn in the bath, and have to waterproof the rules, I guess.

    Heh heh


    1. Arthur,

      At least the game is playable in a bath; you should try playing it in a shower!

      All the best,


  2. Johntheone,

    I think that was the chap.

    All the best,



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