Monday, 22 September 2014

News that I did not want to hear

Yesterday I managed to pay a fleeting visit to the SKIRMISH show in Sidcup before Sue and I visited one of the many sites that were especially opened to the public as part of the OPEN HOUSE LONDON event ... and I will be writing blog entries about these in due course. My day was, however, turned upside down by news that I really was not prepared for ... the sudden death of Allen E Curtis.

I got to know Allen when he became a member of Wargame Developments. He came to two COWs (Conference of Wargamers) and delivered a memorable talk about the work of the NTC at Fort Irwin. At the time he was working there in a senior role after he had retired from the US Army. He also took part in two back-to-back sessions where several of us experimented with Chris Engle's PBOM (POLITICS BY OTHER MEANS) Matrix Game combat rules, first with a battle set in the Sudan in the 1880s and secondly with one in modern-day Africa.

I also met Allen on several occasions when he visited London and the surrounding area, and he very generously gave me a large number of unpainted 20mm-scale metal figures and vehicles for my collection. Allen was a man of principle and did not tolerate fools gladly, and this often led to relationships with other wargamers that could be quite turbulent at times. That said, after the heat had died down he always seemed willing to rekindle his friendships, and I certainly always enjoyed talking to him and exchanging comments via the Internet.

He will be missed by all who knew him.

Allen Elmer Curtis
21st October 1954 to 16th September 2014

A Book of Remembrance has been opened at the Mead Mortuary, Barstow, California, and anyone wishing to leave a message can do so. The Book will remain open until 17th October 2014.


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