Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Little boxes ...

I recently made a return trip to the shop where I bought the wooden boxes that I made into my prototype bunkers/pillboxes ... and bought some more. In fact I bought a selection of wooden boxes ... and besides using them to build some more bunkers/pillboxes I am thinking about using them as the basis for other types of fortification.

The wooden boxes I have bought include two sizes of hexagonal box, the first being 3"/7.6cm from face-to-face and with sides of 1.75"/4.5cm ...

... and the second being 3.75"/9.5cm from face-to-face and with sides of 2.15"/5.5cm.

I have also bought some circular wooden boxes with a diameter of 3.14"/8cm ...

... and some square ones that are 3.15" x 3.15"/8cm x 8cm.

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