Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Some more interesting wooden boxes

Last week I paid another visit to the craft section of the branch of THE RANGE in Chatham ... and came away with some more ready-made wooden boxes.

Unlike the other boxes that I have bought, these were not square, rectangular, or hexagonal in shape; they were long with rounded ends and came in two sizes, large (about 6"/15cm long and 3.25"/8cm wide) ...

... and small (about 4"/10cm long and 2.25"/6cm wide).

The larger box has sides that are 2.75"/7cm tall (the bottom being 2"/5cm tall and the lid 0.75"/2cm tall) and the smaller box has sides that are 1.5"/4cm tall (the bottom being 1"/2.5cm tall and the lid 0.5"/1.5cm tall).

My first thoughts on seeing the boxes was that if the lids and bottoms were separated, they could both be used as the basis for model ship hulls, particularly small merchant ships, oared galleys or gunboats. The prospect of using these boxes to build such models will certainly provide me with something to think about over the coming winter months.


  1. Based on the shape-they are pill boxes.

    I'm sure you can supply your own rimshot...

  2. Stu Rat,

    If they are pill boxes, they must be very big pills!

    All the best,


  3. Bob, the thought that they would make ship's hulls was my first thought too.

    Perhaps it is time to think of Nile river boats, eh?

    -- Jeff

  4. Bluebear Jeff,

    You know me too well!

    The addition of a simple mast and sail would turn the smaller box lid into a Nile sailing boat/barge ... and it would not be very difficult to add a superstructure that would turn it into a steam-powered river boat.

    All the best,