Tuesday, 25 August 2015

One Hour Wargames ... the re-fight

As I already had the terrain set up and the figures to hand, I decided to re-fight Scenario 30: 'Last Stand' using the unmodified version of Martin Rapier's hexed-based variant of the World War II rules in Neil Thomas's ONE-HOUR WARGAMES book.

Last Stand: Morschauserland vs. Eastland ... the re-fight!
As before, Eastland troops were trying to hold up an advance into Eastland by Morschauserland troops, who had crossed the border to try to regain control part of the disputed border area.

The Eastland commander had three units at his disposal:
  • 1 x Infantry Unit
  • 1 x Artillery Unit
  • 1 x Tank Unit
The attacking Morschauserland force comprised:
  • 4 x Infantry Units
  • 1 x Motorized Infantry Unit
  • 1 x Artillery Unit
The Terrain (as before)

The Initial Eastland Positions (as before)

Turn 1
The Morschauserland troops advanced onto the battlefield ...

... and came under fire from the Eastland Infantry Unit in the town and the Eastland Artillery Unit on the hill. Both encounters inflicted losses on the Morschauserlanders.

Turn 2
The Morschauserland Artillery Unit fired at the Eastland Artillery Unit in the hope that it would inflict casualties on it (which it did) and to provide cover for the two Infantry Units that were crossing the river via the ford.

The Morschauserland Motorized Infantry Unit engaged the town's defenders in a firefight, and both the sides suffered further casualties.

At the same time, the Eastland Artillery Unit engaged its opposite number with counter-battery fire ... with some success.

Turn 3
The fighting in and around the town had developed into a hard slogging match, with both sides suffering casualties.

Elsewhere the artillery duel continued ...

... and the sudden appearance of the Eastland Tank Unit was somewhat of a surprise to the advancing Morschauserland Infantry Units.

Turn 4
The battle of attrition taking place for possession of the town was almost at an end, with both sides almost at breaking point.

Whilst the two Artillery Units continued to slug it out, the leading Morschauserland Infantry Unit attacked (and was attacked by) the Eastland Tank Unit.

Turn 5
This turn saw a definite change in the fortunes of both sides. In and around the town, the Eastlanders had prevailed, and the Morschauserland Motorized Infantry Unit was finally destroyed.

Although the ongoing artillery duel ended with the destruction of the Morschauserland Artillery Unit, the Eastland Artillery Unit barely followed suit.

One of the Morschauserland Infantry Units that had been on the road supporting the now destroyed Morschauserland Motorized Infantry Unit began to make its way towards the ford ...

... at the same time as one of the two leading Morschauserland Infantry Units gave covering fire to enable the other Morschauserland Infantry Unit to advance towards the Eastland Tank Unit.

Turn 6
Whilst a new Morschauser Infantry Unit resumed the assault on the town, another of the Morschauser Infantry Units continued to move towards the ford.

One of the leading Morschauser Infantry Units engaged the already weakened Eastland Artillery Unit ...

... and wiped it out.

At the same time the fighting between the fourth Morschauser Infantry Unit and the Eastland Tank Unit continued, with both sides suffering casualties.

Turn 7
The Eastland Infantry Unit in the town came under attack from the bridge side of the town ...

... at the same time as one of the Morschauser Infantry Units in the centre of the battlefield moved into position on the other side of the town.

The fighting between the Morschauser Infantry Unit and the Eastland Infantry Unit continued with both sides again suffering casualties.

Turn 8
The Eastland Infantry Unit was attacked from two directions ... and was finally wiped out!

The ongoing battle between the Morschauserland Infantry Unit and the Eastland Tank Unit continued ...

... and only ended when the Morschauserland Infantry Unit was destroyed.

Turn 9
With only a single, weakened enemy unit to oppose them, the Morschauserlanders advanced into the disputed territory. Leaving a single Infantry Unit to hold the town and ensure the bridge's security, the Morschauserland Infantry Unit that had just assisted in the destruction of the town's Eastland defenders moved towards the hill. At the same time the fighting between the other Morschauserland Infantry Unit and the Eastland Tank Unit finally came to an end ... with the destruction of the Tank Unit.

The Morschauserlanders had achieved a complete victory over the Eastland Units that had opposed them ...

... but the price had been steep.

This was a very enjoyable solo wargame, and it gave me considerable pleasure to re-fight this action.

I felt that the rules worked much better without the changes I had previously made, and I will give serious thought before making any further changes. The battle was a dingdong affair, and the Eastland troops in the town did magnificently. Had the Eastlanders had just one more Infantry Unit, there is a distinct possibility that they would have stopped the Morschauserlanders in their tracks.


  1. I hadn't realised you'd made some changes to the rules in the first game (was it just the card activation?). I like the systems clean and ruthless simplicity, although for a club night game they are maybe just a bit too fast and unforgiving.

  2. Martin Rapier,

    In the first battle I allowed units to move AND fire; this time they could only more OR fire. This seemed to make the whole thing feel better ... which is not quite what I expected.

    All the best,


  3. Don't feel bad Bob, I've had many such experiences with the OHW rules - putting things in that I thought would improved them, only to take them out again later. I've also returned to the bare bone rules and had to start again, this time being more careful about making any changes.

    Like I keep telling people - I've learned more playing the OHW rules in a couple years than the previous 33 of wargaming!

    In any event, there are some weak points in the rules, and I did settle on a modified set that I posted at my "Up the Blue" blog. I have to get those WWII figs out again, soon!

    1. ECW 40mm Project,

      The basic OHW rules work extremely well, and are a prime example of how describing them as quick and simple rules does not equate with them lacking sophistication and subtlety.

      All the best,



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